Software Sigea

Sigea offers specific sustainability and compliance solutions, which allow for detailed monitoring and management control
  • Legal compliance: Sigea Software has a database of legal environmental obligations applicable to investment projects. It is adaptable to the regulations of each country and also to the development of each project. It allows the fulfillment of legal obligations to be managed, by the facilities to which they apply or by the management, with the emphasis being on the reportability required by the authorities.
  • Environmental Monitoring: 
Environmental monitoring is fundamental for the direct control of the environmental variables that must be protected in the management of a sustainable project or operation. This module manages each environmental component in detail. In the monitoring plans they are organized by area, control points, parameters and their thresholds and internal reportability. This is all in regard to the necessary authority.
  • Corporate social responsibility: The SIGEA module is 100% focused on the social component and the corporation’s community commitments.
  • Compliance with standards:The regulatory environmental compliance needs to be complemented by various standards that ensure comprehensive sustainability management.
  • Sustainability indicators: Managing information of environmental indicators within a large corporation has never been easier. This module distributes information throughout the organization and allows integration with direct sources. The information is then compiled in a convenient manner periodically, which manages indicators in a timely and reliable way. It does so by handling the traceability of the data and the evidence of its verification.
  • Compliance of standards and CSR: Regulatory environmental compliance should be complemented by adequate management of relationships with nearby communities and with society at large, as well as by the adoption of standards that strengthen the sustainability of companies and projects.
  • SIGEA Software manages your water permits by automating the management of water resources for sustainable use. Integrate your information and get a global view, review the operational detail of your effective water extraction systems with the corresponding equipment and optimize your decision making with regards to the water resource.

Custom development

Do you have a development project or any specific needs?

GISMA has extensive experience when it comes to custom project development. Their methodological way of working allows you to participate in any phase of a project’s development.