Key support in environmental compliance and corporate sustainability

We are leaders in technological and methodological innovation, which focuses on achieving and supporting our clients’ sustainability management



The Integrated Environmental Compliance Management System (SIGEA) is software that gathers all the characteristics and functions necessary to perform optimal management of environmental compliance and corporate sustainability. GISMA delivers licenses tailored to the requirements of each organization.




  • Founding Partner and General Manager
    Industrial Civil Engineer at the University of Chile, with a master’s degree from the University of London and 22 years of experience. He has specialized in environmental management and information systems, excelling in the design and implementation of the electronic Environmental Impact Assessment System (e-SEIA) and directing the environmental information unit at CONAMA.
    Gonzalo Asencio
  • Environmental Manager
    Geographer at the University of Chile, with a Diploma in Analysis and Environmental Management and an honourable mention in Land Management from the University of Concepción. He has extensive experience in environmental management in the public and private sector, as he is not only the Regional Director of CONAMA del Maule but is Head of
the Pollution Control Division in the Executive Directorate of CONAMA.
    Hans Willumsen
  • Cesar Barra
    Manager of Innovation and Projects
    Commercial Engineer, with more than 18 years of experience managing technological projects focused on the Environment. The fact that he is in charge of providing, estimating, executing and controlling financial resources, with great negotiating skills, means that he has maintained commercial relations with the main technology providers in the region.
    César Barra
  • Operations Manager
    Computer Management Engineer at the Diego Portales University, with a master’s degree from the Catholic University of Chile. He has 18 years of experience in information management and has proven leadership skills in multidisciplinary teams.
    Eduardo Segovia
  • Water Resources Manager
    A professional with 22 years of experience in hydrogeology, Environmental Inspector of the SMA, completed the international groundwater course at the Polytechnic University of Cataluña.
    Marcela Venegas
  • Chief Technology Officer
    Álvaro Torres
  • Gerente de administración y Finanzas
    Contador Auditor, Magister en Gestión Tributaria, con una gran trayectoria profesional que le ha permitido desempeñarse a cargo de departamentos de administración, finanzas y recursos humanos. para empresas del sector minero, industria y servicios.
    Omar Leiva
  • Project Manager
    Environmental Engineer at the University of Valparaíso. He has 9 years of professional experience in the environmental field, specializing as an iso14001 internal auditor. Whilst working at the GISMA Company, he has participated in the implementation of the SIGEA platform for various companies.
    Paulina Castañon
  • Senior Process Engineer
    Civil Industrial Engineer at the University of Chile, with experience working in health and environmental companies, performing data analysis and processing surveys.
    German Leiva
  • Environmental Engineer
    Environmental Chemist at the University of Chile, with 2 years of experience in the field of e-environmental consulting, by advising mining companies about the management of environmental and sectoral compliance.
    Carolina Campos
  • Project Manager
    Environmental Civil Engineer, with a master’s degree in Territorial Environmental Management and 11 Years of professional Experience.
He has dedicated much of his career to the management of compliance with environmental, sectoral and legal requirements for companies in various fields.
    Rodrigo Casas
  • Environmental Engineer
    Mariana Godoy
  • Front-end Development Engineer
    Professional with extensive knowledge in FrontEnd design and development, (UX) and User Interface (UI). Experience in project planning and management. Ingeniero en Informática
    Nubia Ponte
  • Administrative accounting specialist
    Professional with experience in accounting and administrative management
    Arley Contreras C.
  • Key Account Manager.
    Gerencia de Innovación y negocios
    Jennifer Silva C.
  • Environmental engineer
    Environmental engineer with certification in environmental management, industrial safety and environmental impact assessment. He has worked in coordination, monitoring and quality sampling of water resources. In addition to the review and evaluation of audit reports.
    Daniel Cabello
  • Environmental Engineer
    Degree in Industrial Civil Engineering, mention in Environmental Engineering, from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2021). He has worked as Project Engineer for technical feasibility studies of plastic recycling in Chile (2020) and Background Survey for the preparation of the Economic Analysis of the New Odor Emission Standard for the Hydrobiological Sector (2021). He was part of the Young Professionals Program of the Salfa Montajes Company, where he participated in intensive inductions in the field of Construction, Assembly, and Mining, visiting the Minera Quebrada Blanca field (from TECK) as Logistics Engineer (Tailings Project, Piping area ) and conducted training for project management in OPC Lean Software.
    Felipe Soto Olea
  • Computer Engineer
    Brady Ramos
  • Computer Engineer
    Sebastián Espinaza
  • Ingeniero informático
    Jeremías Mora
  • Ingeniero informático
    Carol Mirabal
  • Process Engineer
    Estefani Mata
  • Computer Engineer
    Daniel Sánchez
  • Ingeniero de procesos
    Camilo Zuñiga